Parents Defending Education’s Response to the National School Board Association’s Statement on Critical Race Theory and Accusation of Parents Engaging in ‘Domestic Terrorism’

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The National School Board Association’s (NSBA) assertion to Axios that critical race theory (CRT) is not taught in public schools is laughably dishonest.  

Perhaps the NSBA should have coordinated with the teachers unions before offering comment. After all, the unions went from telling us that CRT isn’t taught in K-12 schools to saying it should be taught in schools to promising to provide legal defense to teachers who are disciplined for teaching CRT while also using union resources to investigate parents and parent organizations that oppose teaching this harmful, radical ideology to our children.  

What you’re seeing in cities and towns all across the country is a backlash to school administrators and bureaucrats who disdain the parents whose children they are entrusted with educating. It’s arrogant and out of touch and these fiefdoms must be exposed and held accountable.