LAUNCHING TODAY: Membership Association Empowering Parents to Combat “Woke” Indoctrination in K-12 Education

Press Releases

Washington. D.C. — Parents Defending Education (PDE) officially launched as a national
grassroots membership association today with the goal of fighting the rise of radical politics in
K-12 schools across the country. In order to begin reclaiming America’s public and private
schools from radical activists, PDE will build a large nonpartisan network of parents committed
to de-politicizing the classroom. The group’s advocacy will focus on three main areas:

PDE empowers parents by educating them on their children’s rights in the classrooms, how to
document abuses and extremism, and how they can begin exercising influence and oversight
with their school.

With COVID turning living rooms into classrooms over the past year, parents have become far
more aware of the content of their children’s education. For parents who are disturbed by what
they’ve seen – with students told they are either oppressors or oppressed and recruited into
political activist causes – PDE trains parents how to put schools and officials on the spot, gain
media attention, get involved with school boards and other oversight bodies, and make sure
the school knows there will be consequences for indoctrination and radicalism in the

PDE uses a range of tactics, including FOIA filings, U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil
Rights complaints, litigation, and investigative reporting to expose extremism in our schools and
hold officials accountable. PDE is documenting incidents of radicalization in classrooms in a
multimedia map, IndoctriNation.

Parents Defending Education’s Nicole Neily and Asra Nomani:
“We formed Parents Defending Education to help empower parents to stand up to the
increasing rise of illiberal ideology in our K-12 schools around the country. We know that these
problems can’t and shouldn’t be solved in Washington — that is why Parents Defending
Education is seeking to address these issues on state and local levels by creating a network of
parents united in defense of the quality and content of their children’s education.” — Nicole
Neily, president and founder

“Our country is in a crisis today because of ideologues pumping divisive, polarizing ideas into
our classrooms, teaching them to our children. Educators have a moral duty to teach our kids
how to read, write, and think — not dictate what they must think. As parents, we must stand together to defend education, challenge radicalization and inspire our children with positive
values.” — Asra Q. Nomani, vice president of strategy and investigations
PDE is a $10/year membership program allowing parents to join the organization anonymously
and share their stories in a united community devoted to combating radical ideology in