Integrate NYC v. City of New York Case Dismissed; PDE prevails

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Parents Defending Education (PDE) has just prevailed in Integrate NYC v. City of New York et al; the New York State Supreme Court dismissed the case completely.

The case, which was filed in March 2021 by a group of activists, alleged that the city’s specialized school program was racist – and sought to inject race into all aspects of the program in the name of “equity.” PDE was granted intervention in the case on behalf of 6 members with children in the system, providing a perspective to this case that the court would not otherwise have heard – that of families who opposed the Plaintiffs’ proposed race-based relief.

Today, the court ruled that courts “protect rights.” They do not “make policy.”

“Judge Nervo found that the plaintiffs sought to force the courts to make education policy – which is a wholly inappropriate role for the judiciary,” said PDE president Nicole Neily. “We are pleased by the court’s decision, and hope that other activists realize that policy reform must occur through the legislative process – not by executive or judicial fiat.”

The court’s decision can be found here.