St. Vrain Awareness Alliance, Firestone, Colorado

Parent Organizations

St. Vrain Awareness Alliance is a community group centered around the St. Vrain School District in Fireston,e Colorado.

The group’s mission states:

I. We believe our schools should provide students with a solid, fact-based education in history, science, math, writing, and literature that is grounded in the American principles.

II. We oppose any teachings that produce division, emphasizes equity, or encourages students to judge others by their unchangeable characteristics.

III. We believe an educator’s political and social biases and opinions are to be left out of schools and classrooms.

IV. We believe in holding elected and non-elected education professionals accountable for decisions and/or actions that impact children.

V. We support an education grounded in the American principles of Liberty and equality for all, as provided for all Americans through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.