Woodland School District’s teacher trainings taught by Glenn Singleton’s Pacific Education Group, “Racism is by definition a form of oppression exercised by the dominant racial group (white people).”


Woodland Community Consolidated School District 50’s Strategic Plan Update Report Year 3 states, “Woodland has scheduled Beyond Diversity training with Glenn Singleton’s Pacific Education
Group. The first Beyond Diversity training will be with the senior leadership of the district (EST
and Principals) on January 14th and 15th.”

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request submitted by a community member revealed the guide used. The content included statements like,

I’m tired of talking about white power/privilege/supremacy. What really needs to happen is we need to learn to have constructive relationships, learn to communicate, try to help them…!” Consider: It is true that we have to learn to have more constructive relationships and communication. AND we have to recognize that racism is a system of oppression that is used to uphold the power of the dominant racial group, in this case white people. It is used to preserve unearned privilege and the myth of white superiority. This is the water in which we swim in this country, so failing to see it, talk about it, and work actively to shift it essentially helps to keep racism in place.”