Windsor Public Schools claim in writing on district website that they “don’t have a copy” of the Second Step SEL curriculum to share with parents, even though they are using it in elementary, middle and high school


Several parents from Windsor, CT reached out to Parents Defending Education over concerns that the school district explicitly states on the Social Emotional Learning page of its website under the heading “Message to Families” that it does not have a copy of the Second Step curriculum to share with them.

The exact quote from the website is:

We also use Second Step SEL curriculum at the elementary and middle levels.  We select the second step lessons which best align with student needs.  I do not have a copy of the Second Step curriculum to share with you but your child’s teacher should be able to assist you with any questions that you have about Second Step lessons. 

Below is a screenshot that includes this information:

It seems likely that the “I” refers to the the district coordinator of Social Emotional Learning since he is featured prominently at the top of web page.

Federal law guarantees parents the right to view and inspect all instructional materials. (LEA appears repeatedly in the text of the law and stands for a “local education agency” or school district.)