Wild Lake High School health teacher exposes assignments in English class and Spanish class that he believes to be indoctrination; source for one of the lessons is Tumblr


On February 10th, 2022 Wild Lake High School Health teacher Jonathan Shaw spoke to the Howard County school board about two assignments shown to him by students who felt they had nowhere else to turn, for fear of retribution.

One assignment from an English class depicts a flow chart for cultural appropriation which asks students to assess if they have white privilege to understand if they are engaged in cultural appropriation. If you look at the bottom of the image, the source for this lesson is the url freshfeminism.tumblr.com.

Another assignment from a Spanish class on social/racial justice movements depicts Black Panther symbology and a cartoon of border patrol agents and police officers being thrown into the trash. It is unclear if the Spanish teacher who taught the lesson supports the messages of these images.

Shaw’s full statement and presentation of these materials to the board is below:

This is not the first time Mr. Shaw has addressed the school board during a public forum. Here is his testimony from November 2, 2021: