Weston Public Schools hires an organization that believes Christianity is upholding “White Supremacy” to conduct equity audit


Weston Public Schools in Weston, Massachusetts, has recently announced to the community that they have hired The Leadership Academy to conduct a district-wide equity audit. In their FAQ to the Weston community, the district describes The Leadership Academy as follows:

The focus of the equity audit will be on “instruction and community engagement” and consider how:

One of the many equity resources that the Academy has on its website is “THE ABCs OF EQUITY: A dictionary for leading equity-focused work in schools and school systems” which contains their preferred descriptions of equity, racism, culturally responsive teaching, and so on. The definitions rely heavily on the works of anti-racist writers like Ibram Kendi and Robin Diangelo. As part of their definition of “White Dominant Culture,” the Academy states that the “Christian church have played central roles in reproducing the idea of white supremacy (i.e. that white is “normal,” “better,” “smarter,” “holy” in contrast to Black and other People and Communities of Color.”

Documents for further reading: