Wellesley High School students given green light to give presentation littered with inaccuracies and anti-law enforcement messages


Young Ethnic Scholars, also known as Y.E.S, is a club at Wellesley High School that, according to the district website, “brought together students of color and allies of the Wellesley community. This group was founded after decades of students of color, especially Black students, experiencing systemic and individualized racism in Wellesley. Y.E.S looks to establish itself as an integral part of the academic community at Wellesley High School and the greater community. We are looking to work towards the general acceptance of diversity, equality, and inclusion across all races, genders, and creeds within each layer of the Wellesley community for years to come.”

Recently, this student group was granted permission by school administrators to give a presentation to the entire school that was riddled with factual inaccuracies and anti-police propaganda. Here are some of the slides:

According to whistleblowers who contacted Parents Defending Education, teachers did not push back on any of the claims in the presentation or ask the students to substantiate the claims.