Warwick Public Schools provides students with Panorama surveys; pays Panorama Education $83,000 per year for services


On March 29, 2023, WJAR reported that Warwick Public Schools used Panorama Education to provide surveys to students. The news outlet reported that the district “adopted the program in 2022 for an annual fee of $83,000, which is currently being paid for by American Rescue Act Plan funds.” The news outlet then quoted a parent who was concerned about the surveys and her child’s data:

They’re basically putting a behavioral characteristic report card on these children every single day, every single week, and then putting it in a system that’s going to follow your child until 12th grade.

Regarding her own child, the parent explained that the district has stored her child’s information: “It’s in the database that she has sensory issues and that she lacks coping skills, and when I took her outside to a therapist, they just said that she needed to adjust.” The parent is worried that this assessment could follow her child from elementary school until she graduates.

While Panorama has added questions regarding sexual orientation and gender identity to surveys in other school districts, WJAR explained that these questions were not in surveys for Warwick Public Schools. The news outlet also reported that parents can opt their children out of taking the surveys, but “less than 3% have done so in Warwick.” WJAR also provided the following survey from the district.