The Kinkaid School promotes affinity groups for students, including a group called the “White Ally Affinity Group”


The Kinkaid School in Houston is a private school that promotes affinity groups for students. Affinity groups are groups of people segregated by their characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. On the school’s diversity page, the school explicitly states that the purpose of affinity groups is to affirm the “identity” of students.

The school’s website also has a page labeled as “Student Organizations” that has categories for different groups that students can join. This categories are “Upper School Clubs,” “Upper School Student Leadership,” “Upper School Affinity Groups,” and “Middle School Clubs.” Some of the affinity groups listed for students are “African American/Black/African Heritage,” “East Asian/Southeast Asian,” “Hispanic/Latino/a/x,” “LGBTQ+,” “Middle Eastern,” and “South Asian.” There is also an affinity group for students who identify as white labeled as “White Ally Affinity Group.”

The Kinkaid School promotes affinity groups for students.
The Kinkaid School has a list of affinity groups for students.