Texas School For The Deaf Forms Racial Equality Task Force and separates members by race


On January 22, 2020, Texas School for the Deaf shared an update from their Racial Equality Task Force. It included an outline that separated people of color and white people into different classes.

On January 14, 2020, all staff were sent a letter titled “Encouraging Civil Discourse” that sought to address the “disrupters” of 2020 and beyond. It included a list of resources to teach students in the classroom.

And, as a TSD community, we need to create more opportunities to allow our students to have an accessible and inclusive format to have this dialogue in classrooms, dormitory, and at home. Here is a couple of links that you can access to learn more about the insurrection, creating a brave space to have this conversation, and different ways to discuss this with your students:
Facing History: Classroom Response
Unpack Your Impact (ECE/Elementary)
Facebook Group: Teachers (Teaching on the Day After) (for any educators)
As we all process these disruptors and what they mean to ourselves and TSD, I hope you feel the encouragement to move forward in your work to speak out to end the cycle of hate that incites violence, to continue to explore and understand the meaning of privilege in our lives, and to continue to instill self-advocacy and allyship in all of our students at TSD.