Teaneck Public Schools superintendent appears to endorse and help organize anti-Israel student protest; student flyer for protest accuses Israel of “genocide”


On November 29, 2023, students of Teaneck High School plan to hold a “walk out” in protest against Israel, according to a student flyer posted on X by a concerned community member. The flyer accuses Israel of committing “genocide” with the walk out being “for Palestine.” Students could text an organizer of the protest to be added to a group chat. Superintendent Andre Spencer of Teaneck Public Schools released a message that appeared to endorse the anti-Israel protest:

It is essential to recognize that our scholars have the First Amendment right to express themselves, even if no board action is taken. This peaceful demonstration is a student-led event. We want to remind all non-staff adults and community members that they are not permitted on campus during this event. In Teaneck Public Schools, we value, appreciate, and respect all scholars and staff.

The superintendent then appears to explain that the district has helped organize the event: “We want to assure you that the safety and security of all staff and scholars are our greatest priorities. For this reason, we have coordinated efforts with the Teaneck Township. As we aim to listen and understand, it is imperative to ask that everyone engages with a listening ear.”

The student flyer accuses Israel of “genocide.”
Students could be added to a group chat.
The superintendent appeared to endorse the protest.