Teachers At Penn Harris Madison School District Push Back Against “Pyramid of White Supremacy”


In June 21, 2021, REAL News Michiana published an article reporting a critical race theory inspired curriculum taught in the Penn Harris Madison School District. REAL News Michiana had filed a Freedom of Information Act which exposed the “Pyramid of White Supremacy” pictured below.

The administration agreed to drop the pyramid, which was put forward by the school’s Social-Emotional Learning team. The goal of the SEL program is to equip local students with the social and emotional tools they need to achieve success. The “Pyramid of White Supremacy” is a model used by far-left advocates that says indifference about racism can lead to mass murder. 

REAL News Michiana, Penn High School’s Critical Race Theory Curriculum, Lesson 2: The Pyramid of White Supremacy

In the top region of the pyramid, “MAGA” or Make American Great Again is shown as an example of white supremacy right underneath the KKK.

Since 2020, the school board for Penn Harris Madison School Corporation has worked especially hard to address racism. In July of that year, the school board voted unanimously to hire a diversity officer. The move was prompted by alumni and students who called for more attention to race matters. At the time of the vote, Christopher Riley, board president, said: “Today is an important first step in implementing the reforms necessary to eradicate racism and racial injustice within our school system.” 

REAL News Michiana, Penn High School’s Critical Race Theory Curriculum, Lesson 2: The Pyramid of White Supremacy

On August 20, 2020, South Bend Tribune reported the hiring of the school’s first diversity officer. The former principal, now Diversity Officer’s, duties include:

  • Acting as a liaison between P-H-M and minority communities in matters that impact their school-aged children.
  • Assisting in the identification of practices and procedures that perpetuate any achievement gaps and institutional racism in all forms.
  • Collaborating with district leaders to monitor and ensure the delivery of high quality, culturally relevant learning opportunities for students.
  • Identifying and promoting professional development and training to educate all stakeholders about the adverse impacts of implicit bias and systemic racism, as well as professional development that enhances and promotes diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism.
  • Evaluating/auditing student discipline practices and trends for disparities and recommending changes that promote the use of “restorative” practices and promotes equality on all levels.