Sudbury Public Schools invite Pollyanna representative to host antiracism and equity webinar


On June 10, the Sudbury Public Schools superintendent will host an equity webinar titled, “Building and Sustaining an Antiracist Community.” The presentation will be given by a representative of Pollyanna, the New York-based Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) nonprofit that has sparked controversy in Manhattan’s elite private schools.

Here’s an excerpt from a piece in City Journal about Monique Vogelsang, the woman being paid by the Sudbury Foundation to lead the webinar.

Below is a photo of the district’s antiracism resolution—you’ll find the PDF version attached near the top of this page.

And here is the equity statement on the district website:

Notice that the word equity is not defined. In fact, none of the terms used are defined—for example, the reader is left with no information about what a commitment “to an anti-bias and anti-racist education” actually looks like in practice.


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