Stafford Middle School chooses to represent “Palestine” at districtwide fair, ignoring the existence of Israel


On November 27, 2023, Just The News reported that Stafford County Public Schools held a districtwide fair where schools could pick to represent foreign countries “to empower multicultural awareness.” The news outlet reported that “all 33 schools in the district participated, with nearly 1,000 in attendance.” Schools were able to choose what country to represent. Stafford Middle School within the district chose “Palestine,” ignoring Israel. The effort was “spearheaded by an English as a second language teacher.” The middle school’s “booth included a map, religious landmarks, descriptions of traditional foods, music, clothing and agriculture, including interactive handouts.”

Just The News reported that the school’s map at the booth did not mention or show Israel. The map showed the country labeled as “Palestine.” A handout from the middle school was a “coloring map of the country, known as the pre-1947 Palestine Mandate map.”

The Tennessee Star shared an image of the “Palestine” coloring map.