Rockville Centre High School assignment asserts that police are the sixth leading cause of death for young Black men after cancer


On April 23, 2021, Southside High School gave an assignment to high school seniors that, in the words of one parent, “demonizes” the police force. A screenshot of the assignment is below.

Rockville Centre assignment

The last line of the assignment, which notes that “Deciding not to defund, disarm, and draw down the police is an extremist, wasteful, violent, and anti-American position,” drew ire from the community. As Bronx News 12 reports, “Parents say they think the teacher should at least be spoken to or reminded that she shouldn’t share political opinions with students.”

In the wake of this parent-led backlash, Superintendent of Schools June Chang sent out a letter to families, asserting “Lessons and activities that create divisiveness or that marginalize anyone have no place in our schools.”


Parents demand action against Rockville Centre teacher accused of presenting anti-police lesson, Bronx News 12, Apr. 23, 2021