Providence School Department makes radical shift in curriculum, offers staff professional development credits for participation in race based affinity groups


Ramona Bessinger is a teacher in Providence (and also a parent with a child in school) who decided to go public with her concerns about curriculum changes, race based groups for staff and what she sees as an overwhelming focus on the oppressor-oppressed narrative.

Here are a few excerpts from her recently published piece at Legal Insurrection:

The Providence Teachers’ Union president, Maribeth Calabro, did confirm that major events in history are being glossed over or skipped completely and that staff have been meeting in racially segregated groups known as “affinity groups.”

Full interview on local radio with Maribeth Calabro is here.

Providence Schools made national news last year with the publication of a a devastating 93-page report on the district by the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy. Providence schools were subsequently taken over by the state.