Pitt County Schools classroom lesson describes Democrats as “blue collar” and “secular” and Republicans as “white collar” and “religious.”


Parents Defending Education found an interesting lesson on politics for students on the website for Pitt County Schools.

The lesson’s presentation is titled “Unit 3 – Politics.”

The presentation links to a political quiz for students to take. The quiz uses each person’s answers to determine the most aligned political party. The following are questions currently asked in that quiz:

  • If found guilty, should former President Trump be pardoned for mishandling classified documents?
  • Should the electoral college be abolished?
  • Should foreigners, currently residing in the United States, have the right to vote?
  • Should the government increase environmental regulations to prevent climate change?
  • Should funding for local police departments be redirected to social and community based programs?
  • Should illegal immigrants have access to government-subsidized healthcare?
  • Should undocumented immigrants be offered in-state tuition rates at public colleges within their residing state?
  • Should critical race theory be taught in K-12 education?

The presentation also includes lists to show differences in how Democrats and Republicans think. The lists are below: