Parents fight back against what they consider to be CRT in Tredyffrin/Easttown Schools; District says they can’t share curricular materials with the public due to copyright restrictions


On June 14th, 2021 concerned parents and residents of the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District showed up en mass to criticize the school board’s push for CRT policies and racial bias training in the district. Since 2018, the district has worked with the Pacific Educational Group (PEG) to implement racial bias and equity policies into the curriculum and staff training.

At the meeting, one parent (Deana Wang) questioned, “…why parents have not been allowed to see the CRT curriculum and said the district had signed a non-disclosure agreement with PEG not to allow parents to see what they are teaching students. She challenged the board to disclose the information to parents.”

This email from the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Staff Development seems to confirm those concerns:

On the district website they discuss their partnership with PEG as such:

The district website has an entire page dedicated to the Equity Initiative.

Parents Defending Education reached out to the communications director for the district about the accessibility of the curricular materials but did not receive a response.

A parent did contact us to say that, according to the district’s own policy, they must allow parents to view curriculum.

I am no expert on copyright law, but the district spokeswoman is now saying it is a violation of copyright but parents are not asking to duplicate the curriculum, only to view it. — a concerned parent

This policy is also linked at the top of this post as a PDF.