Parent: Cleveland Charter High implements ‘the CORE program’ which ‘feels like indoctrination’


In September 2020, Cleveland Charter High School implemented a “Magnet Humanities” program called “the CORE program,” and whistleblowers raised concern about the programming. Cleveland Charter High School is a public high school.

A whistleblower said, “I am very angry about how they really undermined the parental values that we tried to instill in our daughter, and have convinced her of some invisible guilt. It feels like indoctrination.” The parent added “we picked the school because it has high college acceptance rates, but we did not know that the cost would be so high. We may have selected a less prestigious public school if we know how bad it was.”

The eleventh grade curriculum includes:

“a series of interdisciplinary workshops using the historical and postcolonial lenses that explore the great irony of the vision for freedom as established in the Constitution,” lessons that examine history “through the lenses of Postcolonial and Critical Race Theory … [to] analyze how the ideology of white supremacy has influenced racial inequality and shaped social and individual identity, while engaging in honest and direct cross-cultural dialogue with the goal of discovering possibilities to counteract racial injustice.”