Old Rochester Regional School District has paid Panorama over $30,000 for services and surveys


Parents Defending Education submitted a public records request to the Old Rochester Regional School District requesting contracts and invoices that the district had with Panorama Education from January 2018 through April 2023. PDE received several documents back regarding the district’s transactions with the company. One contract dated March 31, 2022, was for a total of $13,984. The contract’s date was for January 14, 2022 through January 13, 2024. Out of the costs, $6,992 was for the annual licenses cost and another $6,992 was for project support. The following was included with the contract:

  • Annual Licenses: Panorama Climate Surveys and SEL: Platform License
    • Access to Platform and Support (as defined in the Terms and Conditions): Survey administration, analysis and reporting.
      • Student surveys
      • Teacher/staff surveys
      • Family surveys
      • Community surveys
  • Services: Project Support
    • Project support package includes:
      • Named single Panorama point of contact who provides proactive technical support and guidance on Panorama’s best practices
      • Unlimited email support from Panorama’s product support team for school/district personnel and survey respondents (where applicable)
      • Membership in the Panorama Community, including client-only training sessions and webinars, newsletters, etc.

Another document PDE received was an invoice from Panorama Education to the district for $1,875. This fee included “survey administration, analysis and reporting” regarding “social-emotional learning measures.” The invoice was dated January 24, 2018.

PDE received several more invoices from Panorama Education to the district for similar services over the past few years. The invoices include $761.25 in 2019, $7,000 in 2020, $7,000 in 2021, and $13,984 in 2022.