NYC middle school teacher posts on social media about having ‘social justice class call congress’ in opposition to a TikTok ban.


A New York City middle school teacher posted on Twitter on February 28, 2023, that they had their “social justice class call congress” in opposition to a TikTok ban. In a Twitter post, the teacher at Central Park East II responded to an ACLU post claiming that a “ban on TikTok would violate the First Amendment rights of millions of Americans who use the app to express themselves daily.”

The teacher responsible for the post has also posted on campus quotes for elementary and middle school students such as “Caring 4 myself isn’t selfish, it’s self preservation [sic] that is an act of political warfare.” According to the school website, the teacher has also used quotes from “Angela Davis, Toni Morrison, and Bell Hooks [sic].”

Central Park East II states that it is “one of only a few public schools committed to providing a progressive education to its students.” The school’s student achievement scores are at 43% proficient in English and 27% proficient in Math.