North Thurston Public Schools passes ‘Equity in Education’ resolution that singles out ‘White dominant culture’


On Feb. 20, 2021, North Thurston Public Schools passed “RESOLUTION NO. 2-20/21 EQUITY IN EDUCATION,” which mandated including “Ethnic Studies, Anti-Racism Education and Culturally Responsive Practices.”

The resolution mentions “equity” 21 times, “anti-racism” five times, “Black Lives Matter” five times, the SPLC’s “Teaching Tolerance” program two times and “White dominant culture” two times.

The resolution specifically states that “until K-12 Ethnic Studies” is “fully implemented,” “all schools” will use “Equity Text Tool” and “NTPS developed Black Lives Matter resources.”

The resources page includes promoting local groups, including “Stay Woke,” and national groups, including, “Teaching Tolerance” by the SPLC and “Black Lives Matter at School.”

The resolution provides a gateway for critical race theory in North Thurston Public Schools through several parts of the resolution, including:

  • “Whereas, all NTPS employees, future employees, and the School Board must display a strong commitment to Anti-Racism. Anti-Racism recognizes, affirms and defends the truth that all racial groups are equal; and directs the Superintendent to enact policies and practices that lead to sustained racial equity and justice and ensure full participation and compliance.”

● “WHEREAS, we stand in support of peaceful demonstrations for civil rights to call attention to injustices in our community,”

  • “Whereas, Black Lives Matter at School is an affirmation of civil rights and a call for ending racial and economic injustice in education, in solidarity with a group of people who have been subject to a history of systemic racism. We are committed to imagining and creating a world free of prejudice where every Black person can thrive.”
  • “Whereas, Children as young as 3 years old will display racial preferences and by age of 6 can be conscious of social stereotypes.10 In addition, we recognize that silence about topics of race along with dominance of White perspectives in our curricula has caused harm within our multicultural society.”
  • “Whereas, at NTPS, we must display an unwavering commitment to racial justice and equity while dismantling White dominant culture and the racial disparities it has established within our schools and the greater community. In this work, we will continue the cycle of centering Voices of Color, owning our impact, learning from mistakes, and revising policies as we learn.”