North Middlesex Regional School District implements strategy to “model anti-racist practice”


In a letter to parents, North Middlesex Regional School District’s superintendent wrote:

As a member of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents
Racial Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Working Group, I am committed to
working with my colleagues to develop and implement a long-term, state-wide,
superintendent-driven strategy to address system and cultural barriers in our
schools that prevent so many students and adults from knowing they, too,
belong and will thrive. The goal is to support every school to model anti-racist
practice, diversity, and inclusion that all of our students will learn and thrive. In
addition, the NMRSD School Committee voted, last fall, in favor of the
Massachusetts Association of School Committees Anti-Racism Resolution,
which states:

We must ensure our own school culture and that of every district
in the Commonwealth is anti-racist, that acknowledges that all lives cannot
matter until black lives matter.

In an Equity Work FAQ sheet, the school defines Critical Race Theory (CRT) as “a framework and/or analytical tool primarily used in university-level courses.”