Newton North High School offers students “prayer room” in celebration of Ramadan; does not appear to offer similar accommodations for other religious holidays


On March 10, 2024, the vice principal of Newton North High School sent a weekly update to families specifically mentioning Ramadan. She stated in the email: “If you have any questions about the prayer room, or other spaces for quiet, please ask. We have also reserved space for the lunch blocks for observing students who would like to be away from the food and energy of the cafeteria at lunch time.”

The school does not appear to offer the same accommodations such as a prayer room or spiritual space for other religious holidays observed by non-Muslim students. Parents Defending Education found in a recent public records request to Newton Public Schools that the superintendent faced pushback when attempting to implement antisemitism professional development for staff.

The school’s vice principal said there was a “prayer room” for Ramadan.