Newton Elementary School promises to “affirm” all students; expects students to “actively dismantle structures” in pursuit of “more equitable outcomes.”


Angier Elementary School in Newton, Massachusetts wants students and parents to know that the “teachers create a place where all children feel safe, affirmed and included.” Included in the back-to -school presentation is the Newton Public Schools statement of values and commitment of equity which reads like a pledge —we believe X and we will do Y.

All members of the NPS community must actively dismantle structures rooted in racism and replace them with systems and structures that lead to more equitable outcomes for all students. We recognize that this work is critical and ongoing and requires an unyielding financial, structural, and emotional investment for years to come. NPD is committed to working tirelessly to ensure that we propel our community forward into an antiracist future

Another slide in the presentation is a “commitment to antiracism.” It appears that kindergarteners through fifth graders must commit to “actively seeking to dismantle systems” in pursuit of “more equitable outcomes for all students.”

The full presentation is below: