NYC school principal asks parents to “reflect on their whiteness”


East Side Community High School Principal Mark Federman sent families documents that encouraged them to “reflect” on their “whiteness.”

According to City Journal,

In the letter to parents, Federman went on a tirade against white conservatives, arguing that “racism and hate is often the underlying cause fueling their beliefs.” He denounced former president Donald Trump as a “lying, racist, sexist, classist, hateful, science-denying bully” and described the Trump supporters who attended the president’s January 6 rally as “a crowd of white supremacists.”

When asked about the missive, a NY Public Schools official stated that a group of parents shared the materials with the the principal, who then disseminated them to every parent “as part of a series of materials meant for reflection” and as “food for thought.”

The curriculum was written by Barnor Hesse, an associate professor of African American studies at Northwestern University in Illinois.


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