Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation trains teachers and staff in SEL; uses firms that promote equity in education


Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation implements Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into the district’s school curriculum. The school district states that all “teachers and staff go through training on SEL.” The school district then adds that “SEL is not critical race theory.” However, the school district appears to work with firms that promote ideologies inspired by CRT.

On the same page, Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation links to the CASEL website to explain what SEL is. CASEL is known as an organization that promotes ideologies inspired by CRT through SEL training. CASEL published a video last year titled “SEL As a Lever for Equity and Social Justice.”

Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation incorporates SEL in the school district’s curriculum.

The school district also states that it works with the organization Second Step for elementary and middle school students and with Leader in Me for high school students. Second Step explains on its website that the organization is “committed to addressing racial injustice and helping you drive real change in your school communities.” On April 20, 2021, Leader in Me published a statement emphasizing the organization’s commitment to “diversity, equity, and inclusion” and ensuring that it would help schools implement those concepts.

Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation appears to work with organizations that promote ideologies inspired by CRT.
Second Step states that it intends for educators to address “racial injustice.”
Leader in Me published a statement confirming its commitment to “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”