Montgomery County Public Schools launches “Anti-Racist System Audit”


In January 2021, Montgomery County Public Schools launched an “Antiracist System Audit,” stating:

“Anti-racism is a lens that calls us to look at our systems, our role in replicating racism by integrating our practices, policies, and practices that do not create access, opportunities, and equitable outcomes for every student. Therefore, we will engage in a system-wide audit to examine school culture, workforce diversity, work conditions, PreK-12 curriculum review, the equity accountability framework, and community engagement to identify systematic barriers to equitable outcomes for students, staff, and families.”

It said, “This audit will examine workforce diversity, work conditions, PreK-12 equity curriculum, equity achievement, community relations and engagement and “an evaluation of school culture.”


MCPS is Launching a District-Wide Antiracist Audit, Equity Matters, January 2021