Middle school teachers forced to to locate themselves on an “oppression matrix”, watch a video of “George Floyd’s last words.”


On Jan. 10, 2021, City Journal reported that Cherokee Middle School held a diversity training program in which teachers were told to find themselves on an “oppression matrix” and watch a vide of “George Floyd’s last words.” Diversity trainers Jeremy Sullivan and Myki Williamson asked the teachers to “acknowledge the dark history and violence against Native and Indigenous People” before engaging in the day’s program of “social justice work.”

The diversity trainers provided another handout that defined “overt white supremacy” and “covert white supremacy.” The document claimed that “lynching, hate crimes, KKK, neo-Nazis, [and] burning crosses” are “socially unacceptable” forms of white supremacy, while “education funding from property tax, colorblindness, calling the police on black people, BIPOC as Halloween costumes, not believing experiences of BIPOC, tone policing, [and] white silence” are “socially acceptable” forms of white supremacy.

Whistleblower documents below were provided to investigative journalist Chris Rufo, a Parents Defending Education advisory board member. He shared them first here.


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