Maryland teachers union offers $1,000 “BLM at School Year of Action” grants; menu of national demands includes mandatory ethnic studies and getting police out of schools


The Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) is the 75,000-member Maryland affiliate of the National Education Association, which represents 3 million education employees across the country. MSEA seems to have formally endorsed the Black Lives Matter brand and the BLM at School initiative by way of a grant program. The name of the grant is “Black Lives Matter at School Year of Action Grant.” The grant application offers a list of four national demands—applicants can select all that apply to their plans if awarded the $1,000 grant.

Below are screenshots of the entire grant application which can also be found online here.

The Black Lives Matter at School movement is based on 13 guiding principles. Below is the “kid friendly” version of those principles used in elementary, middle and high schools all over the country.