Lafourche Parish School District gives survey to parents asking personal information regarding gender, religion, and race


Parents Defending Education received a survey that the Lafourche Parish School District provided to parents. The survey was created by Johns Hopkins University and is labeled “School Culture 360.” Questions in the survey asks parents personal questions about them and their children, including questions regarding race, religion, and gender.

One question in the survey asks parents their gender with four options available as answers. Parents can choose “male,” “female,” “non-binary,” and “prefer not to say.” The survey then asks parents their “race/ethnicity” and “religious affiliation.” Another question in the survey asks parents if they believe teachers should “encourage students to engage in discussions of public importance,” “create opportunities for students to develop their own opinions about controversial topics,” and “instruct students on civics and how to be a good citizen.”

The survey also asks parents “how often is your child exposed to the following messages in their classes and schoolwork” and “how often do you speak with your child about the following messages” with both questions having the same topics for parents to consider. These topics include:

  • Work for greater justice in society.
  • Be a steward of the earth.
  • Contribute to the good of your city and local community.
  • Promote the civic or democratic values of the country.
  • Interact with the society and culture around you.
  • Succeed in a job or career.

The survey additionally asks parents if goals including “citizenship (understanding institutions and public values)” and “moral or religious values” are important for their children at school. Parents are also asked “to what extent is there a spirit of unity (or solidarity) at the school that transcends race, gender, culture, or religion.”