Jackson Public Schools board member has history of making racist comments on Twitter


On January 18, 2023, Libs of TikTok reported on Twitter that Board of Education member Kesha Hamilton of Jackson Public Schools in Michigan “has a history of making racist comments.” Libs of TikTok then provided images of tweets from the Board member making derogatory comments. In one tweet she states:

Whiteness is so evil.. it manipulates then says, I won’t apologize for my dishonesty and trauma inducing practices and thinks you should applaud it for being honest about its ability to manipulate and be honest.

In another tweet, she compared “white folks” to “animals”: “The last thing you have to worry about is an animal – though that could be a very real threat.. more dangerous are any white folks you may see on the trail.. be safe!” She also tweeted that “working/living in/around/with white folks is incredibly difficult” because “being subjected to them/their violence & treachery is severely abrasive.”

Libs of TikTok reported on comments from a Board member of Jackson Public Schools.

The Board member has appeared to delete some of those tweets. However, Parents Defending Education found more upon investigating her Twitter account. On September 3, 2022, she tweeted in support of defunding the police.

The Board member tweeted in favor of defunding the police.

As of the writing of this dispatch, she still has her tweet public that stated “whiteness is so evil.”

The Board member tweeted that “whiteness is so evil.”

On January 6, 2023, she tweeted: “Reading something and comprehending it are two different things too often reliant on personal ulterior motives.. yet committed to advocating/insisting on a world that’s much different than this one that Colonizers deleteriously constructed for us..”

She also tweeted about “colonizers.”

On January 12, 2023, she explained that “DEI” or diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in reality focus on the issues of “colonialism, racism, white supremacy.”

She tweeted that DEI work actually focuses on “colonialism, racism, white supremacy.”