Henrico County Public Schools promote racial affinity groups, ask teachers to assess their privilege


Henrico County Public Schools has asked faculty and staff to form “equity teams” to assess their “privilege” and learn more about “whiteness.” The district published a 20-page, “Equity Team Guidance Document” which includes the following reference from EdChange:

The linked site includes y references to “Case Studies on Diversity and Social Justice Education” and various other equity curricula:

The district’s equity information page lists three race-based affinity group meetings that took place during the summer and link to a PowerPoint that explicitly states that white people need to learn about their privilege.

The affinity group meetings were:

  • “Black Staff Affinity Group” for the “Black staff member”;
  • “Teacher of Color Affinity Group” for “staff members of color”; and
  • “Allyship Affinity Group” to “recognize and process the impact of privilege on white educators.”