Haverford Township Schools prioritize ‘anti-Racism and equity leadership teams’ in the name of “social justice”


Over the past few years, the school district of Haverford Township in Havertown, Pennsylvania has pivoted to the priorities of equity and antiracism. We have attached some of the contracts with outside consultants to show money spent on these efforts but it is not yet an exhaustive list, yet.

It started with their Belonging and Sociocultural Identities in Schools program (BASIS) in 2017; they themselves admitted that they “..didn’t have survey data to support that our climate was lacking— but we knew, anecdotally, that there was room for improvement” and they have continued to implement racial literacy and “gender expansive” training in the district.

Other resources on the BASIS page include links to books on social justice for children and teaching programs from the organization, Learning For Justice, a subsidiary group of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SLPC).

The district has partnered with at least four outside consultants in its equity work though the cost of those services is not listed.

Additionally the school district Board of Directors has put forward a resolution to develop Anti-Racism and Equity teams across all school levels in the district as well as implement training to “…ensure antiracism and equity are at the forefront of SDHT policies and practices.”