Georgia State University Professor and Atlanta Public School Counselor Promoted “White School Counselors Virtual Summer Affinity Group”


In April 2022, a professor of school counseling at Georgia State University announced that she would be hosting, alongside an Atlanta Public School teacher, a “White School Counselors Virtual Summer Affinity Group.”

The stated purpose of the “White School Counselors Virtual Summer Affinity Group” is to “Explore your racial identity, privilege, and commit to more anti-racist practices.”

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The affinity group claims that it would used the “Antiracism Everyday White Folks Workbook” but “has been adapted to a school counselor audience”.

According to the website, Anti-Racism Everday the workbook “will create a learning trajectory for beginning the continual work of unlearning White supremacy, reeducating oneself as a co-consipirator, and developing a lifelong practice of anti-racism.”

The program’s cohost, an Atlanta Public School counselor, highlights social emotional learning on her personal website.  

As of Nov. 3, 2022 registration for the “White Counselors Virtual Summer Affinity Group” was still open.

Atlanta Public Schools has been involved in a number of social-emotional learning and “anti-racism” iniaitives including a Leadership Academy that advocates for teachers and administration to “critique ‘color-blindness’” and self-examine their own “identity and role in historically inequitable structures” and implementing CASEL’s social-emotional learning in response to the 2015 cheating scandal.

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