Gahanna-Jefferson commits to being an “antiracist school district committed to social justice” (but opts not to define any of those terms)


Several parents of students in the Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools have reached out to Parents Defending Education with concerns about the district’s Equity and Access For All plan. (You can download the full plan above.) According to parent accounts, their emails to district officials with concerns and questions have gone unanswered.

Here is the resolution passed by the school board in July, 2020. Notice that it is loaded with terms (antiracism, equity, active social justice) that are not defined.

Parents of high schoolers report that their children were required to take the repeatedly debunked Harvard IAT, commonly known as the implicit bias test. That is not surprising since the term “implicit bias” appears repeatedly throughout all of these documents though it too is undefined.

The district’s equity an access page is here.