Fayette Schools assignment to fifth graders upsets Kentucky law enforcement group and parents


In January 2021, local media reported the Kentucky Peace Officers’ Association was “enraged” after learning that Fayette County Schools had issued a quiz to fifth graders, asking them questions about recent race-related issues. A concerned parent was quoted as saying, “Kids are being taught that folks hate black people, that whites should hate themselves and that everyone should hate the police.”

The district disputes any assertion that that the assignment was inappropriate.

“While we appreciate that some may believe the topic was too mature for fifth graders, it is critical that our classrooms be safe places where students can discuss current events. Fayette County Public Schools is committed to helping students become civically engaged citizens who are wise consumers of digital media able to think critically about the world around them.” 

Critics expressed concerns about accuracy in addition to appropriateness.

In 2019, Nancy Gutierrez, president and chief executive officer of the NYC Leadership Academy, a 501(c)3 consulting organization, was the keynote speaker at the 2019 Superintendent’s Leadership Institute, hosted by Fayette County Schools, and discussed issues of “inequity.”

“You may not have created the inequity, but you are responsible for owning it and doing something about it,” she said.

The NYC Leadership Academy sells “services,” including “Sharpening Your Equity Lens: A Professional Learning Series for School and District Leaders,” “Observing Culturally Responsive Instruction” and “Equity Audit.” Its “Partners” page includes its “Reach” across the country.


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