Fairfax County Schools directs superintendent to develop bias reporting plan


The Fairfax County Public School Board directed superintendent Michelle Reid to develop a “bias-related incident accountability infrastructure” by December 2022, during a July 14, 2022 school board meeting. Board member Abrar Omeish, who recently caught flack for making anti-Semitic comments on two social media posts, proposed the motion. The school board will approve the superintendent’s bias reporting plan prior to implementation. 

Discussion of the motion begins at 1:06:00.

In February, Parents Defending Education received documents that revealed Fairfax County Public Schools planned to spend $200,000 on “Social Media Management Services,” including surveillance. The services will be used to “monitor social media threats, hate speech, and bullying,” district documents state.

The Fairfax County Public School district was one of four northern Virginia districts that became a hotbed for leftis race and gender ideology during the coronavirus pandemic. You can find other incident reports from the district here