Fairfax County Public Schools Fail to Notify the Public About “Antiracist Resolution” called “Teach Truth;” Unions and Outside Orgs Heavily Involved


Parents and community members in Fairfax County report that the school board plans to pass a “Teach Truth” resolution without community input. The resolution, also known as the “Anti-racism Resolution,” was not on the meeting agenda for the October 6, 2022 meeting when board member Ricardy Anderson surprised many in the audience by introducing it and requested to amend the agenda to vote on the resolution.

The text of the resolution was not made available prior to the meeting.

The resolution was written by an organization called Free & Antiracist Minds—the group’s home page states the following:

We work to dismantle White supremacist dynamics (i.e. power, capitalism, colonization, and exploitation) in our schools, workplaces, and government.

We will take necessary steps to dismantle current racist practices and policies and ultimately abolish systems of oppression.


The resolution

While the public was not informed about the plans to draft and pass the resolution, teacher unions, select-PTA groups and special interest groups in Fairfax were directly involved in the development of the resolution.