Eagan High School claims to be part of a school system “created to support whiteness,” commits to a focus on race, promotes plans/practices rooted in critical race theory


Eagan High School’s website provides a window into how focused on race and “antiracism” they are. Below are images from the school’s website but click this link to see the site in its entirety.

Eagan’s ‘Learn With Us’ Section provides a long, comprehensive list of links to articles, podcasts, and books for both adults and kids, on topics about black history, microaggressions, white privilege, allyship, anti-law enforcement, George Floyd and more. Among their long list of recommended books on Critical Race Theory is Ibram X Kendi’s How to Be an Antiracist.

Many of the sources referenced on Eagan’s main page come from a google site their sister school, Rosemont High School, put together.


Anti-Racism at EHS – Eagan High School (district196.org)

RHS Racial Equity Resources – Family and Children Resources (google.com)