Dudley-Charlton forms equity committee with zero transparency, spends $5,000 for equity consultant; subsequently discontinues equity committee


The Assistant Superintendent of the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District, Dr. Ackerman, said in multiple emails to parents “there are no plans to incorporate CRT into our curriculum. We are not using CRT in our curriculum now.” Parents and members of the public, however, obtained slides from a training with Leading Equity Organization, headed by Dr. Sheldon Eakins, in which he actively discusses critical race theory with teachers—according to people personally familiar with the training, Eakins asked teachers at the end, how they plan to incorporate his training in their classrooms.

A major complaint of parents in Dudley-Charlton is that a district equity committee was formed in July with zero oversight from the school board and zero transparency with the public.

The district website has recently been updated to say that the equity committee has been “discontinued as it is now” and may relaunch in the future “with more specific processes and procedures to be presented to the school committee and DCRSD community.”


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