Denver Public Schools bow to activist student group and pledge to incorporate anti-racism across the curriculum


In October of 2020, the Denver Public School Board voted to approve a resolution promising to infuse Black, Indigenous, and Latino histories and contributions into all aspects of curriculum.

This measure was done at the behest of an activist group of students known as “Know Justice, Know Peace” who advocated heavily for the incorporation of anti-racist teaching in the district. In one of their Facebook posts, the group declared that if you are not 110% in support of BLM that they should dismiss themselves from the conversation:

Linked below is a video of Know Nothing, Know Peace presenting their resolution to the Denver Public Schools Board:

An administrator in the District also called on DPS to “increase pay for black and brown teachers” and to take resources from “rich white people” and give them to black and brown students which was met with applause at the meeting: