DEI Hiring: Rochester City School District


A Rochester City School District presentation titled “Staff Diversity & Staffing Update: Building a workforce our students need” states that the district will “develop and implement a race and class consciousness rubric for recruitment to ensure we build a workforce our students need.”

According to a draft of the district’s Racial Equity Advocacy Leadership (REAL) Team Vision Statement, “RCSD will be a thoroughly anti-racist institution that ensures equitable opportunities for all.” The “Racial Equity Action Plan” states that the district will “work toward ensuring that staffing of the RCSD will reflect the racial composition of the student population.”

Under “District and Community Goals,” it states that it will “recruit and retain significantly greater numbers of qualified, appropriately credentialed, underrepresented race and class-conscious staff of color: African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American” and “implement systemic, equitable hiring practices.”

To achieve these goals, the action plan set a “10 percent year-over-year improvement in number of Staff of color hired.” The district will also “use characteristics of race and class conscious [sic] teachers as recruitment tool to attract mission-driven teachers.”