DEI Hiring: Norristown Area School District


In 2018, the Norristown Area School District Board approved the district’s Diversity Strategic Plan (later titled Diversity Cultural Proficiency and Diversity Plan) which established a Cultural Proficiency Planning Committee to develop district goals. Those goals included a focus on “hiring and retention of staff” and states that the district is to “increase the hiring and retention of professional staff members that are more reflective of our multicultural and diverse student and family demographics as measured by application, hiring, and retention statistics to increase the percentage of diverse staff members by 1% per year for five years.”

Actions for achieving this goal include analyzing and reviewing “hiring practices annually to ensure that they support goals linked to creating a more diverse staff,” “include questions related to cultural proficiency in all interview processes,” “establish internal and external networking/mentoring system to support racially and ethnically diverse personnel,” and “develop a process of selecting diverse staff to serve on all district and school committees.”