DEI Hiring: David Douglas School District


David Douglas School District in Oregon states that in order to “achieve educational equity” it needs “workforce equity.” The district policy defines “workforce equity” as actively working “to have the workforce reflect the diversity of the student body.” It continues: “The district shall consider workforce equity when recruiting, employing, supporting and retaining a workforce that includes racial, gender, and linguistic diversity, as well as culturally competent administrative, instructional and support personnel.”

The district’s Strategic Hiring Plan 2017-2022 actions include revising the “hiring guide with a focus on equity,” revising the “bank of questions with an equity lens,” examining “current hiring procedures for any potential bias in sourcing, screening, and finalizing candidates,” and communicating “expectation of culturally responsive teaching practice implementation.” The plan states that a success measure is “increased numbers of diverse hires for all open positions.”

Listed retention strategies include “equity teams in all schools,” “culturally responsive teaching practices and professional development,” and “affinity groups.”

The document states that it has a “target goal” of a “10% increase of our staff ethnic diversity by 2020.”

According to the district’s 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, it is looking to “hire more teachers/staff of color” using evidence such as how “BIPOC workforce demographics increase by school and department through annually established targets.”