Coventry Public Schools cite “Panorama Education” in strategic plan as measure for social-emotional learning (SEL)


Coventry Public Schools in Rhode Island have been using Panorama Education surveys for students in the 3rd grade and up across the district. (Rhode Island is one of the states that contracted with Panorama Education statewide; an “annual climate survey” is given to students in every district.) Coventry Public Schools cite Panorama by name in their district strategic plan. That plan also states the district’s intent to increase Social Emotional Learning (SEL) measures in the early learning environment for students across the board.

From the Rhode Island Department of Education website:

In 2021, a new “Cultural Awareness & Action” section allows space for students, staff, and families to respond to a series of questions about discussing and confronting issues of race, ethnicity, and culture.

Panorama’s SEL Learning guide is here.

Below is Coventry’s strategic plan entitled, “Equity and Excellence.”