Coronado board members raise concerns about critical race theory in new ‘Equity Action Plan’


The Coronado Times reported on Feb. 18, 2021, the Coronado Unified School District Governing Board met at District Offices for their regular board meeting, first meeting of the year in person. One of the topics discussed was “Equity Action Plan Concerns,” and Karl Mueller, District Superintendent, underscored the importance of equity as a districtwide endeavor. “Foley updated the board on the Equity Action Plan, sharing a graphic of the timeline. 40 individuals, parents and staff are meeting via Zoom, with ‘Tiger Teams’ focusing on areas of positive school culture, supplemental instructional materials, professional development and human resources.” Mueller said, ‘Our work in equity is ongoing, it’s happening daily, and it crosses into every aspect of how we educate our students, how we support our staff, and how we interact with our community.”

Board members Esther Valdez Clayton and Stacy Keszei addressed community concerns. “I think the concern is, is that the committee is driving a narrative—critical race theory—which we all hear about, in the news… and maybe the committee hasn’t defined where we are falling short equitably,” said Keszei. Member Esther Valdez Clayton said that “[Institutional racism] is still a very widely controversial idea throughout our nation” and asked, “are these ‘tiger teams’ dedicated to examining hard data?” Are we moving away from any sort of theorizing relating to institutional racism, which is very theoretical, and now we are going to drill down on actual hard data?”

She was assured by Director of Student Services, Niamh Foley, that actions taken by the equity committee would be data-driven.

Click here to visit the equity page on the district’s website. 

Superintendent’s message from June 9, 2020




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