Concord Academy promotes affinity groups to students; specifically promotes “Trans Affinity Group” for students who identify as “transgender or nonbinary”


Concord Academy is a private high school in Massachusetts. The school’s website has a page labeled as “Clubs and Affinity Groups.” The groups that are specifically labeled as affinity groups on the page are the “Trans Affinity Group” and “Umoja.” The description for “Trans Affinity Group” explains that it is “an affinity space for students identifying as transgender or nonbinary.” The description of “Umoja” states that it is an “affinity space for students identifying as Black or African American.”

Additional groups on the school’s list that appear to be affinity groups are the “East Asian Student Association,” “Men of Color Association,” “Queer People of Color,” “South Asian Student Association,” “Southeast Asian Students,” and “Women of Color Alliance.”

Parents Defending Education previously reported on the school’s efforts to infuse critical race theory and critical gender theory into the curriculum taught to students.